BSA to allow gay scouts, but not leaders. Compromising “Morally Straight” nature, or a step towards inclusion?

Yesterday was the end of a long wait to see if the Boy Scouts of America would allow gay people into their organization.  Today in Texas the BSA National Council voted on the long time ban on Boy-Scouts-Logo1allowing openly gay boys into the scouts and openly gay people as scout leaders.  Months of debate preceded the vote.  Proponents of the ban were worried that allowing openly gay people into the scouts would compromise the “morally straight” nature of the BSA.  Other proponents have expressed concerns over increases in child abuse if gay people were allowed to be in the scouts.  People in favor of overturning the ban saw the possible inclusion of gay people as a step in the right direction.  They see the exclusion as outright discrimination, excluding a select population from partaking in the BSA.

The BSA National Council made its decision on the issue yesterday.  They voted to allow openly gay boys to be boy scouts but didn’t so far as to allow gay people to be scout leaders.  Some are disappointed by the decision, some are lauding this development, others say that the resolution doesn’t go far enough.  What do you think? Do you think that this resolution does enough to make the BSA an inclusive resolution?  Does this decision take alway from the the “morally straight” nature of the BSA?  


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