Pennsylvania governor: We can’t find Latinos to work for us

NBC Latino

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett says he’d love to hire some Latinos, but the reason he has zero working for him is because he can’t find any.

Corbett has received criticism after comments he made last week made it onto YouTube.

He was asked by a moderator at the Philadelphia forum hosted by the Spanish-language newspaper Al Dia if he has any staff members that are Latino.

“No, we do not have any staff members in there,” he said. “If you can find us one, please let me know.” The moderator responded, “I am sure that there are Latinos that…” before being cut off.

“Do any of you want to come to Harrisburg? See?” Corbett remarked.

Governor Tom Corbett’s spokesman, Kevin Harley, released a statement today regarding the governor’s comments, claiming this was the second time Think Progress, a liberal blog, took the governor’s statements out of context, adding:

“This is just another attempt by…

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