The Congress From Hell!

Steve Green Nanuet, Writer

The current spectacle in Washington DC is horrendous; but not unprecedented. Supporters of Andrew Jackson practically stalled the administration of John Quincy Adams. The West and the South were often in conflict with the industrial East. Immigration was often an issue because new citizens change the voting margins. Economic panics and opposition to taxation led to numerous conflicts that bordered on regional wars. A popular slogan in 1819 was: “The Bank was saved and the people were ruined”. Some structural issues have plagued this country since its very birth.

Rumors have it that Obama would like to go “Bulworth” at this time. If that’s true, it’s about time! Why shouldn’t the IRS investigate the Tea Party? They maintain tax-exempt status as a tax-exempt non-profit organization. Such a status prohibits political campaigning. Hello! With funding from the likes of the Koch Brothers, they viciously demean the President, and support rabid right-wing…

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