Stop the faux-outrage over the IRS

The latest SUPER CONTROVERSY that the GOP has latched onto involves the IRS giving special scrutiny to conservative groups applying for 501 (c)(4) tax exemptions.  This revelation has given rise to senate hearings, IRS head resignations, and even calls for Obama’s impeachment.  It is time for this to stop.  We need to come back to reality and look at the entire picture.

The first reason for the faux-outrage is that the IRS targeted conservative groups only.  This is false.  The IRS used special scrutiny on progressive groups as well.  So the argument that Obama is out to strike fear in his conservative rivals is just wrong.  If he wanted to do that the IRS wouldn’t have targeted progressive groups.


Another detail that is seemingly lost in this controversy is the fact that these groups were being looked at by the IRS in the months before the 2012 presidential election.  Why would the IRS investigate “political” groups before an election?  I wonder why.  Perhaps because groups like Karl Rove’s  Crossroads GPS was flooding tens of million of dollars into campaign ads when the organization claimed to use 50% of its funds on education and 20% on research.  Other political groups, both conservative and liberal, claimed similar figures but their very public ads told a different story.

Do not think that political groups like the ones previously mentioned are charities that need or deserve tax exemption.  If they really were doing education like they are supposed to then they would deserve the exemption.  Please, GOP, please stop crying for these political organizations.  Stop saying this is Nixonian.  Stop calling this Nazi Germany.  Let sense and reason reign.


3 thoughts on “Stop the faux-outrage over the IRS

  1. The shameful part to all of this faux outrage is that the media and the pundits aren’t focusing on the nature of these “social welfare” 501(c)(4) we had to wait for Colbert to “report” on it. The media is useflessly calling on the unfairness of the right versus left treatment by the I.R.S a faux story if there ever was one. Excellent points!

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