For Susquehanna

Passion & PR

First and foremost, to those that I have neglected in the blogging world, I offer my sincerest apologies. A stint of bronchitis, job applications, finals, and most importantly, graduation has kept me away.

While I would like to say that my other responsibilities were my only reason for staying away, I can’t. If anyone knows the true essence of a writer, you understand how much of a love/hate relationship we have with our craft. I’ve always believed in writing what’s at the forefront of my mind and for the past several weeks it has been saying goodbye to Susquehanna.

In the weeks leading up to graduation, I had a hard time letting myself feel the way I wanted to feel in that moment. Should I feel happy? Should I feel sad? Should I feel proud? Should I feel scared? This uncertainty often times just left me feeling numb. My emotions…

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