Media is Child Abuse!…wait, what?


Social Evolution Reborn

a guest blog article by Ryan Hughes-Fenchel (student, gamer, world citizen)

Not too long ago, I went to a seminar held at my college which had a large number of booths talking about both child and domestic violence. A very worthy cause, if you ask me. However, there was one booth that both caught my eye and unleashed more then a little fury in me. No, not because it was talking about a bad subject, but because the subject it was covering was outrageous. It was making a lot of claims, but it all came down to (and said on the handout they gave me) that “media is a form of child abuse.” Word for word, that is exactly what the hand out says. I even have it right next to me as I write this article. It is my goal then, in this little blog, to voice why I…

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