College is coming to an end…

319027_464003646976042_750288625_nPhi Mu Delta (Mu alpha)

College is about learning, plain and simple.  Not so much about what you learn in class but more about what you learn about yourself.  When I look back at my college career I don’t think about my classes, tests, quizzes, papers, or teachers (for the most part).  I cared about them at the time and I did well enough on them to get to where I am today but, now, I really don’t care about them.

When I look back on my last four college years I think about the ups and downs, the laughs and the cries, the friends and the enemies, the nights that I wished would never end, and the weeks that I wished would.  I have grow so much in these fours years.  I came into college a guy who though he would just play soccer, go to raging parties, and pass classes.  My life was that, for awhile, until I woke up one day alone and disgusted with the person I saw in the mirror.  I asked myself what am I doing with my life?  I realized I had no purpose in what I was doing.

My life turned around the day I received a bid to join a fraternity.  I had met and gotten to know some of the brothers at a leadership academy that I went on a few weeks before receiving the bid.  They thought so much of me in a time when I thought so little of myself and extended to me an opportunity to join something great.  Joining Phi Mu Delta opened me up to a group of 60 men when were all dedicated to one another and joined together under the ideals of Democracy, Service and Brotherhood.  For once in my life I knew guys who would always have my back and be sincerely interested in my personal success.

After this life changing event my life opened up to different groups of friends, different groups on campus, and different opportunities to be a part of something greater than myself.  I was taken from a shallow college experience to a full college experience, deep in purpose.

College has given me so many amazing experiences and relationships that I will never forget.  I feel in love with a wonderful woman.  I won a conference championship. I was part of a nationally recognized fraternity.  And I got to share all of this with amazing friends.  Thats what I think about when I think about these last four years.

“College, like life, is only as good as you make it”


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