An Impossible Goal


Progress is movement toward a goal.  This imaginary goal which I am speaking of is impossible to achieve.  Achieving the ultimate goal is synonymous with perfection which, by definition, is also impossible.  Although we can realize that we will never achieve this perfect goal in life we all strive to achieve it in some way.  The best companies don’t just hang their hats on average profits.  Great students aren’t satisfied with average grades.  Amazing teachers are not simply pleased with passing students along to the next grade.  It is human nature to attempt to achieve something great, to progress their skills, talents, and aspirations to something more.

The point of this blog to to comment on the state of our progressive nation.  What has always made America great was the fact that it was always will to move forward into  a new frontier.  Progress, however, has always been confronted with defenders of the status quo.  This blog will examine this battle in a way that will challenge both sides of the complex issues.

We are at our best when people are informed about issues and inspired to do something about them.


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